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Census 2021: additional information

The census is coming, and its about you. By taking part, you will help inform decisions about the services you and your community need, like doctors’ surgeries and new schools.

Love is in the air!: the Peregrines at St. Lukes

Since just before Valentine’s Day our pair of Peregrine Falcons has been spotted swooping around West Norwood railway station and circling and perching on St. Luke’s Church tower. We say our pair because unlike many other birds, there is strong evidence that Peregrines mate for life and return to the same nesting spot annually.

The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections

The Government has confirmed that the forthcoming London Mayor and Greater London Assembly elections will proceed on Thursday 6 May 2021. In March 2020 these were delayed with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Volunteering opportunities this week

This week: Covid marshals, website designer, Age UK-phone friends and organisational developments expets. All sought by mostly local voluntary and community organisations and vaccine centres.  

British Army live broadcast

The aim of this live broadcast is to provide greater awareness and understanding of the British Army. The presentation will include current information on how the Army is supporting the Government’s response to the current Coronavirus pandemic. With live questions, you can find out how the British Army is serving the nation.