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Telephone: If you experience a power cut, simply call 105 for free. 105 is the new nationwide number that will put you through to your local electricity network operator – UK Power Networks the company that manages the cables, wires and substations that bring electricity into local homes and businesses.

Or 0800 3163105 (free)
Website: https://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/internet/en/contact-us/power-cuts-and-emergencies.html

Telephone: 0800 111 999 (free)
Website: https://www.sgn.co.uk/Safety/National-Gas-Emergency-Service/

The National Gas Emergency Service deals with emergency calls from across the UK, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be asked for more information including: 

  • the address or location of the suspected gas escape or gas emergency
  • where the smell is most noticeable
  • how long the smell has been noticeable
  • whether any neighbours are affected
  • your name and phone number
  • any special circumstances or access information
  • is it a high population building?

Telephone: 0800 316 9800 (free)
Website: https://www.thameswater.co.uk/help-and-advice/Report-a-problem/Report-a-problem

To report:

  • A leak or burst pipe
  • An issue at one of our sites such an alarm, an accident, or an intruder
  • Noisy or missing manhole covers.