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Norwood Community Safety Partnership


West Norwood is culturally, economically and socially diverse. It has Lambeth’s most deprived LSOA (a unit of about 600 households) adjacent to one of the wealthiest. Council policy is to concentrate resources on those who cannot help themselves. Others are to be encouraged and supported to come together to do so.
The objective of the Norwood Community Safety Partnership is to support that policy by working across the volunteering structures of Health, Welfare, Education, Skills and Policing at the community level.
The first step is to improve local access to information on what is already happening or being planned via channels which will reach the target audiences.
The initial focus was on:
  • violence reduction
  • youth engagement
  • on-line security.
To these have been added:
  • access to changing health and welfare services
  • addressing social isolation during lockdown
  • access to training, work experience and employment
The meetings have been moved on-line during Covid-19 restrictions.
Please email Norwood Forum on: csp@norwoodforum.org if you, or an organisation you are involved with, are interested in being involved.