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Disability & Technology Advice (D.A.T.A) launches

Disability & Technology Advice (D.A.T.A.) is a new partnership between Millennium Community Solutions and ClearCommunityWeb to support disabled residents, carers and others with access needs with digital technology.

Through a programme of drop-in’s, courses, workshops and home support; D.A.T.A will also help to develop routes to employment and independence by providing routes to assistive technology, building skills & confidence and community-based learning.

D.A.T.A will also seek to inspire with new technologies and skills including VR, AI and opportunities to learn coding and multi-media.

This programme launches throughout Lambeth in May 2023 and extends into Croydon June/ July 2023. More details here:

Weekly Drop-ins:
The Disability & Technology Advice (D.A.T.A.) Drop-Ins provide friendly digital support for disabled residents, carers and neurodiverse adults. They are a safe space for you to go and get advice or information on how to set up or use a device in a way that is right for you. They can help assess your needs, provide access to the right device and offer support to set goals for personal learning. Or go along to practice is a supportive environment and build your own skills and confidence. The sessions are free and there is no need to book.

Every Wednesday 10:00am-1:00pm

Akerman Health Centre, 60 Patmos Road, London, SW9 6AF
Bus routes: P5 or 36,185,436 (Vassall Road)

Further information:
Contact: 07523 646 277 or info@clearcommunityweb.co.uk.

What do they mean by Disabled residents?:
People with physical or sensory impairments, neurodiversity, mental health survivors, people with learning difficulties or learning disabilities and people with long term health conditions.
They include people who may face other access issues to traditional support available.

About Millennium Community Solutions:
Millennium Community Solutions works to ensure people living with disabilities in Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs are valued as the important contributors to society they are. Central to this is the right of people living with disability to have equal access to training and technology to support day-to-day life, employment and social connectivity alongside dignity and respect for their individual circumstances and needs. Contact: Rev Gail Thompson gail@millenniumcommunitysolutions.com

About ClearCommunityWeb:
ClearCommunityWeb provides digital skill training, advice and critical support services to community groups, older people, vulnerable adults and carers across South London.  They worked with over 500 residents throughout 2022. Through their person centred approach they put the residents ahead of the technology and find the right fit. Contact: Caspar Kennerdale caspar@clearcommunityweb.co.uk.