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Centre 70 is Looking for Bereavement Help Point Volunteers

Bereavement Help Points are places where you can go following a bereavement, to speak to others who are facing loss and share experiences; they bring together people with shared experiences of bereavement and enable them to create their own groups of mutual support and care to help them deal with the challenges and emotions they face.

Centre 70 is looking for volunteers who will help provide a Bereavement Help Point each week, to listen and talk to others, and help them understand the feelings they are having and they are not alone. Volunteers are not expected to be professionals or counsellors, but people who have experience of loss and bereavement, and are comfortable talking about it with others.

This Bereavement Help Point is being delivered by Centre 70 Wellbeing Service, a charity based in West Norwood for over 50 years offering Advice Services (debt, housing, welfare benefits, legal) alongside Counselling and Wellbeing services. They are working in collaboration with St Christopher's Hospice who already offer a number of Help Points across South London, and who will bring their expertise to this new bereavement Help Point.

You will need to commit to delivering a weekly group for at least 6 months. The group will be based in West Norwood and will meet in person, during office hours.  Interested?  Sign up here.