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Next Community Safety Partnership meeting

The next review meeting of the Norwood Community Safety Partnership has been organised:
When: Tuesday 11 February (7.15pm for prompt start 7.30-9.30pm)
Where: Please email NCSP for an invite to attend: csp@norwoodforum.org

Invitations have been sent to local Schools and to Business, Care, Community, Faith, Health, Parents, Safety, Sports, Social and Youth groups who want to co-operate across boundaries in organising activities that make Norwood a healthier, safer and more sociable place to live. The role of the partnership is to introduce potential partners to each other and help publicise what they are doing: no more and no less. Unlike others, it does not itself aspire to do anything, only to introduce those with shared objectives who might want to work with each other.  

The agenda for this meeting will include youth outreach programmes, adult social prescribing, schools and skills programmes, liaison with law enforcement and publicity arrangements.  

For more information on this Norwood Forum project please follow this link: norwoodforum.org/norwood-community-safety-partnership