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Lambeth Made Safer - Supportive Connections

Applicants are invited to apply to the London Borough of Lambeth’s Supportive Connections Programme, which will include our area.

Lambeth are looking for providers operating in four of the Borough's town centres (North Lambeth, Clapham, Streatham & Norwood) to lead a range of borough-wide engagement activities, designed to build trust, confidence and resilience within Lambeth communities.

It is a challenging period in Lambeth due to recent events, most notably the fatal incident involving a young man and the Met Police. In recognition of this, Lambeth Council intend to support our local communities through the provision of this grant for community focussed organisations and local groups, to deliver a range of inclusive engagement activities; and afford the time and safe space for Lambeth residents to express individual opinions and share personal experiences.

Lambeth Council are aware of the differing levels of need within our communities; and as a result have proposed a two-tier approach to engagement, encompassing low, medium and high need/risk. They hope through this responsive, community-led approach, they will be able to incorporate the voices of Lambeth residents in all future engagement activity and service provision.

Lambeth welcomes individual, joint, consortia and partnership bids to apply for this grant.

The funding available in this round is set at £40,000, (1 x £10,000 per Town Centre) with a further £10,000 allocated for medium-high risk/needs. 
You can apply if your (and partners) organisation is a:

  • Voluntary or community organisation
  • Registered charity
  • Constituted community group or club
  • Community interest company (CIC)
  • Company Limited by Guarantee (non-profit)
  • Limited Companies with demonstrable community / social impact 

Application Deadline: midnight Friday 7 October 2022