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Early Intervention and Prevention Services (EIPS) grants

The Lambeth Youth and Play team have announced the availability of EIPS grants. The application period runs until Friday 28 October 2022, at 5pm. They say:

"Since it began in 2017, the EIPS consortium model has been successful in improving partnership working, providing better pathways for young people and bringing increased funding into the borough.

The 2023/26 EIPS grant programme aims to build and improve on the current model, offering high quality universal and targeted provision for Lambeth’s children and young people to access."

There is also an increased focus on outreach to engage those young people hardest to reach. Our surveys of young people identified sports, social opportunities and mentoring as the most important to them, and we aim to meet these requests through this grant process.

In reaction to increased costs and inflation, the annual amounts available to consortiums have been increased by £50k and the two year period increased to cover three years."