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Norwood Road resurfacing works now scheduled: overnight in November

UPDATE (02.11.22)
Lambeth has advised today that the resurfacing works cannot proceed as planned on 7 November 2022 because of a variety of reasons. We are awaiting further information, and will update as soon as possible

Norwood Road from the railway bridge at Tulse Hill to just north of Chestnut Road will be resurfaced from 7 to 15 November 2022. The Council hopes the works will be completed in a slightly shorter period in order to minimise disruption. The exact sequencing of work and overnight hours of work are being finalised between the Council, TfL buses and Ringway (the Council’s contractor).

We reported in August on the work in hand to prepare for these works, and the arrangements to be put in place. In summary these are: 

  • The highway resurfacing works will be undertaken overnight, likely hours are 9:00pm-6:00am. Exact timings are to be confirmed.
  • Works classified as noisy, such as milling of the surface and break out around ironworks, is to be completed before midnight.
  • After midnight the contractor will only undertake works that are not classified as noisy, which includes the rolling of new asphalt. These works are deemed to produce a noise similar to normal traffic noise. Reversing alarms are still allowed as they are essential at night to help with visibility and fatigue of the crew.
  • Full road closures are required to implement the works. Buses (routes 2, 196, 432, 690, N2, 68, 468, N68, 322) and normal traffic will be diverted. As for previous works, this is likely to be via Streatham, but we are awaiting confirmation.
  • The Council is writing to local residents with full details and Ringway, the Council's contractor, will also write.
  • Equipment will be stored in side streets rather than block shop fronts etc.
  • Road markings: improvements will be introduced including to the diagonal crossing and the dangerous crossing at Lansdowne Hill (see below for details). 

Local residents are asked to raise any concerns or make suggestions via the contact details in the above mentioned letters. We can also pass on any queries and suggestions. 

Later in November, the same contractor will undertake the complete resurfacing of the A205 Tulse Hill gyratory and the connecting piece of Norwood Road to under the Norwood Road (Tulse Hill) railway bridge. We await exact details from TfL.

Road markings
These will include:

  • Pedestrian priority markings at the foot of Lansdowne Hill. Motor traffic will be required to slow and proceed with care over the granite slabs. We have been particularly concerned at pedestrian safety at this junction
  • Clear delineation of the diagonal crossing at York Hill/Lancaster Avenue. We expect this to be an anti skid surface similar to that laid at Station Rise, but the exact treatment is to be confirmed by the Council.
  • Pedestrian priority markings at the Station Rise junction
  • Further pedestrian priority markings at Chestnut Road, Waylett Place, Chatsworth Way, Ullswater Road, Elmcourt Road and Avenue Park Road junctions. 

Further works
Later in February Norwood Road will be partially closed again for a few days (length of works to be determined) to enable UKPN works to the supply to the Chestnut Road electricity sub-station. Preparatory works will be taking place in Chestnut Road before Christmas. These works are being planned carefully in consultation with local businesses, and especially the fruit n'veg stall in Chestnut Road, but for logistical reasons cannot run at the same time as the resurfacing works.  

The road resurfacing and re-marking of Norwood Road is the remaining major part of the Norwood Road phase of the Streetworks programme which commenced in 2015. Norwood Forum successfully re-engaged the project in May 2021 and has been lobbying in earnest behind the scenes on these and many other related issues. We will be very pleased to see their full implementation by the Council before the Christmas period. Our thanks to the Council officers involved and Councillor Jackie Meldrum for her support.