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COVID-19 update

A timely summary:

COVID-19 numbers are rising again across the country. 

Five key ways you can protect yourself and others from COVID-19

Whilst restrictions have lifted, the pandemic is nt over and cases are still high locally. Its still important to follow advice to protect our friends and family.

1. Get vaccinated 

2. Avoid mixing with others if you have COVID-19 symptoms or test positive

3. Let fresh air in if you are meeting indoors

4. Wear a face covering in crowded or enclosed spaces

5. Wash your hands and keep up good hygiene

Get your COVID-19 vaccine now

The vaccines are safe and the best defence against COVID-19. Every day local people are getting their first, second or booster jab.  

>> Book your first, second or booster vaccine now

>> Find a walk-in clinic for your first, second or booster dose

>> Find a walk-in vaccine clinic for a 12 to 15-year old 

COVID-19 vaccines – your questions answered

Get expert information from the NHS if you want to know more about COVID-19 vaccines, either for yourself or family members. Find out how vaccines were developed so quickly, how they protect you, how vaccines do not affect fertility and are safe if you are pregnant, and answers to other questions.

Booster vaccines:

If you are 75 or over, live in a care home or are 12 or over and have a weakened immune system you can now book an extra booster jab. You can have the booster six months after your last dose.

>> Book your COVID-19 spring booster now