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Donate to protect Sydenham Hill Wood and double your gift with match funding

The London Wildlife Trust needs to raise £50,000 - can you help?

Sydenham Hill Wood is a London Wildlife Trust nature reserve loved and used by many – but that popularity comes at a cost. As visitor numbers soared by 80% in the 2020 lockdown and continue to be much higher than before the pandemic, heavy footfall has taken its toll on the woodland. The LWT says:

"We need your help today to restore over 300 metres of the main path network in the Wood, helping to keep walkers away from sensitive ground flora and the undisturbed areas of the Wood that wildlife like nesting birds and hedgehogs rely on.

We are lucky enough to be part of the Big Give’s Green Match Fund this year. The Big Give have offered us £5,000 in match funding, and our friends at The Dulwich Society have offered another £5,000 to help us reach our £50,000 goal.

This means every £1 you donate until donations reach £10,000  will be worth double! Every penny will help restore the paths in Sydenham Hill Wood and protect vulnerable areas of this reserve for the wildlife you love.

Any donations received after the £10,000 match funding total has been met will still go to Sydenham Hill Wood but they won’t be matched.

Restoring the paths is expensive work – recent improvements cost £18,000 for 150m of path – so your support is incredibly valuable to protect this special place.

But we have to act quickly – we only have until the end of 29th April to raise the money.

The Big Give is the UK’s #1 match funding platform. For your gift to count towards our match funding you must donate via their website, so I want to assure you the website is safe and secure for you to use. You can read more about that here. "

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