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Tulse Hill gyratory and Thurlow Park Road: resurfacing works

Update: Friday 17 March 2023
We have had to chase TfL for an update, but can now confirm the following:

'Unfortunately, we had to pause the work and there has been a delay to completing it. This is because of some bad weather and an incident on site when someone drove into the site illegally at high speed.  We are putting in place many measures to prevent any similar issues occurring and to ensure our operatives feel safe in carrying out their work.
We are planning to be back on site tonight (Thursday 16 March) working on Thurlow Park Road between Elm Court Road and Lancaster Avenue. We are awaiting a further updated programme but our work is now likely to conclude Wednesday 22 March.
We are doing everything we can given the delays due to weather and safety concerns to complete all the works now and to prevent us having to return to site again in the future.'

We are advised the Public Liason Officers will be onsite between 7pm -10pm each evening the work is happening.
Alternatively, they can be contacted on: email: oluwakemi@firstpros.net. Tel. nos: Office no: 03330507786; Mobile no: 07539466910.

Update: Friday 24 February 2023
Following our request, TfL have employed two public liaison officers who have been out speaking with local businesses and residents closest to the work sites, yesterday and today and tomorrow (Saturday). These contacts will also be present throughout the entirety of the works, working Mondays to Saturdays. If you have any issues throughout the works please contact them direct for a quick response: 

email: oluwakemi@firstpros.net. Tel. nos: Office no: 03330507786; Mobile no: 07539466910.

Original story:
Further to earlier stories on our website here and here we have learnt today (20 February 2023) that the works to complete the resurfacing of the Tulse Hill Gyratory will start next Monday 27 February 2023. Resurfacing works are also to be undertaken along Thurlow Park Road between the gyratory and Elmcourt Road. All works are due to be completed on Wednesday 15 March 2023. 

The TfL letter to local residents can be read here. In addition we can advise that works are likely to commence at 6:30pm each working day with the erection of barriers on pavements and loading bays etc with the resurfacing works themselves starting at 8:00pm. The following bus diversions will be put in place (see TfL letter for some dates; the situation is not clear so please visit tfl.gov.uk/bus/status or follow @TfLBusAlerts on Twitter for live updates, if you can):

Phase 4 (3 nights):
Via Crown Lane, Streatham Common North, Leigham Court Road , Streatham Hill, Brixton Hill, Brixton Water Lane and Effra Road for routes 2,196,322, 432,468, N2 and N68.
Route P13 will curtail at West Dulwich
Route 415 will curtail at Morval Road
Route 201 towards Morden will divert via Dulwich Road
Route 68 will terminate at Herne Hill
Route 322 will divert via Croxted Road, Park Hall Road and Rosendale Road.

The diversions for phase 5 when Hardel Rise is closed:
Route P13 towards New cross will divert from Hillside Road , Christchurch Road, Roupell Road, Upper Tulse Hill and Tulse Hill to continue in service.
Route 201 towards Morden will divert from Christchurch Road , ahead Christchurch Road to continue in service.
Route 415 will curtail at Morval Road
Routes 2, 432 and N2 towards Brixton Station will divert via Norwood Road, Dulwich Road, Brixton Water Lane and Effra Road to continue in service towards Brixton.

The diversion when Norwood Road is closed in the southbound and closure of contraflow bus lane (6-8 March 2023):
All southbound buses will divert via Tulse Hill and Effra Road.

The diversion when Thurlow Park Road is closed (6-15 March)
Routes 201 and P13 will divert via Lancaster Avenue, Norwood Road and Christchurch Road in both directions.

We have not been given details of the walking, cycling or motorised road traffic diversions which will apply (dates or routes) but are told these will be clearly signposted.