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A Crystal Palace Christmas fundraiser

Crystal Palace Festival are fundraising for this year's A Crystal Palace Christmas:

"Let’s continue the story of A Crystal Palace Christmas together and make it a tradition each year that we can build on until the Triangle is festooned with lights and decorations!

Last year saw the return of A Crystal Palace Christmas despite the adverse circumstances we all found ourselves in. A Christmas Tree, filmed and live streamed performances by local opera singers and choirs were funded by you – our lovely community. We came together no matter what faced us!

 This year with your support we can again create A Crystal Palace Christmas – with a gorgeous tree at the heart of our high street, and if we can raise the funds, we can have some wonderful performances and a bit of crafty creativity for everyone to join in to help us decorate our Christmas tree.

 And to top it all off we can get a head start on 2022 and beyond – if we manage to raise more funds then we can put Christmas lights in the trees on Westow Street outside Sainsburys for this year and for future years! 

 This could be the start of our sustainable decorating of the Triangle where each year we decorate another space until we have lights and decorations everywhere! 

Please get involved by making a donation if you can afford to so everyone in our community can share in the happiness and joy of A Crystal Palace Christmas."