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West Norwood Cemetery HLF works: the next phase

Operations are now underway on the next phase of the drains/kerbs/path works at Lower Road, Narrow Road and Reddins Hill. An access route for motorists from the main entrance to the Rose Garden and Greek Cemetery (the north east corner of the Cemetery) is being maintained, and pedestrians will need to also follow the signposted route, or possibly find a more direct route by walking carefully through the graves and monuments north of Lower Road.

All these works are planned to be completed in late January 2022 and further details and maps can be viewed here and here.

At Narrow Road the brick built culvert for the River Effra has been partially uncovered. The metal plaque marking the course of the lost River Effra will be repositioned over the culvert when the resurfacing is installed (this was previously a few metres away from the actual site).

The long closed steps at Reddins Hill are being replaced with Granite slabs and a new handrail will also be installed.

See our previous article for the progress already made with implementing the National Heritage Lottery Funded project at West Norwood Cemetery.