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Lambeth Horticultural Society: late summer show

The LHS Late Summer show is always a great time for everyone to show off their harvest, produce and handicraft. Like the Spring Show and the Lambeth Country Show, the Late Summer Show will be online. The classes are:

1.     5 Tomatoes or 10 Cherry tomatoes

2.     3 Apples or 3 Pears

3.     Flowering or foliage pot plant

4.     1 Cactus or 1 Succulent

5.     An item of handicraft, painting or drawing

6.     1 Photo any subject

7.     A flower arrangement

8.     3 Decorated cup cakes

Entries close on Saturday 29 August.  Full details of how to enter are on the LHS website (see below).

When: Saturday on 5 September 2020. Photos of submitted entreis will be published after the closing date of Saturday 29 August (5pm).

Where: Online at: www.lambethhorticulturalsociety.org.uk/flower-shows/

event date: 

Saturday, September 5, 2020