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Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 in Lambeth: online

Lambeth invites you to join online for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021. The theme this year is ‘Be the light in the darkness’.

The times we’re living in show both the very best that humanity is capable of, but also denial, division and disinformation, conspiracy theories, and people who feel the fear of being helpless and insignificant. For the international community, there’s still the need to shine a light where people are persecuted and hold those responsible to account. All of us can be lights in the darkness and tackle prejudice, discrimination and intolerance wherever we encounter them.

Lambeth has a long tradition of honouring Holocaust Memorial Day. This year, the online event will include keynote speaker Professor Peter Lantos BEM - ‘A childhood journey to Belsen’, musical interludes, readings from a local school and words from Cllr Philip Normal, Mayor of Lambeth and Cllr Jack Hopkins, Leader of Lambeth Council. We will share lessons learned from the past and stand in solidarity.

“We will continue to do our bit for as long as we can, secure in the knowledge that others will continue to light a candle long after us.” Gena Turgel MBE, Holocaust survivor (1923-2018)

To take part in Lambeth’s HMD event you can see the programme and book a place via Eventbrite, or join online directly. For more details of this year’s theme see the HMD website.

When: Sunday 24 January 2021 at 3pm

Where: online; see joining instructions above.

event date: 

Sunday, January 24, 2021