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Stick It On

8pm-1am, The Book and Record Bar: FREE

TB&RB have five events in the festival (and you can find them all on the festival website) and this is the first: http://www.festnorwood.com/stick-it-on-at-the-book-record-bar/; an open decks event. Bring your own vinyl to play or choose from the records in the shop. Licensed bar as well! @thebookandrecordbar
My Mate Dave
Low YoY o Radio
Alex Paterson
Out of the Wood

Norwood Forum #connectingthecommunity

Norwood Forum, via the Wonder project (supporting creative and physical activities in West Norwood) is sponsoring a total of 12 diverse events in West Norwood’s new arts festival – Fest Norwood.

event date: 

Friday, August 3, 2018