• Norwood Forum

In Our Time: Words and Music for World Turned Upside Down

2pm-3.30pm at the South London Theatre. FREE

Poetry Slabs (the people behind the 30-foot-high Carol Ann Duffy poem on a wall at Norwood Bus Garage) and West Norwood Voices, a thriving local choir, will present 20th-century poems and songs from composers and songwriters including Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Joni Mitchell. @poetryslabs

In Our Time https://www.festnorwood.com/in-our-time-by-poetry-slabs/

Norwood Forum #connectingthecommunity

Norwood Forum, via the Wonder project (supporting creative and physical activities in West Norwood) is sponsoring a total of 12 diverse events in West Norwood’s new arts festival – Fest Norwood.

event date: 

Saturday, August 4, 2018