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Streatham Wells LTN: April update

Further to our earlier story on the suspension of the Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood, we have now heard back from the Council on the issues we raised.

We asked about the review of monitoring data for Leigham Court Road and the roads that lead eastwards into Knight’s Hill ward, and you can read the Stage 1 monitoring report here. Monitoring took place on Leigham Court Road but the roads to the east were not included in this round of monitoring. However, the Council will use telematic data (sat navs) to assess the impacts of the scheme including surrounding areas. This will be included in the next monitoring report once an updated scheme is implemented. We have asked that data be collected now so this can be benchmarked against data collected after the LTN is back in operation.

On possible bus priority measures, the whole A23 corridor is being looked at by TfL and they are in the early stages of scoping out the project. Lambeth will support this work to ensure it is expansive as possible. Lambeth officers will be looking at Leigham Court Road with TfL to identify opportunity areas for bus priority works. We drew attention to the need for bus priority measures at the A214 Tooting Bec Gardens junction with the A23 Streatham High Road so as to remove the current delays faced by the 315 bus. We sought information on possible Safer Streets works along Leigham Court Road, but have no further information as yet from the Council.

As a result of the suspension of the LTN, a new Streatham Wells Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) was published on 14 March 2024 and this has triggered a new six month objection period where representations can be made before 14 September 2024. The ETO explains how any objections can be made.