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"Soak up Lambeth" - Have your say

In 2024, Lambeth Council is installing over £6 million of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to help reduce surface water flood risk across the borough. Over the next couple of months, the SuDS team will engage with local residents of some of the schemes to get their opinions.

SuDS are features that use natural and engineered materials to manage rainwater from roofs and roads. They are often planted with wildflowers and come in many shapes and sizes to fit and blend into their surroundings. Rain gardens, a great example of SuDS, are lowered areas of land that are heavily planted and collect rainwater from their surroundings.

The local drop in sessions are:

Benton's Lane Estate:
The SuDS team will be at the Balmoral Court meeting room on Thursday 7 March 4.30-7.30pm to discuss the proposed rain gardens and drainage plans with Benton's Lane Estate residents. 

There will be two drop-in sessions on Monday 4 March and Friday 8 March 2-7pm at West Norwood Library to discuss the SuDS design proposed for: 

  • Norwood Park
  • Valley Road Playing Fields
  • Streatham Hilly Four Acres
  • Brockwell Park

Posters and comment boxes will be available in the library for the whole week, but officers will be attending the drop in sessions to answer any questions.

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