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River Effra bursts its banks!

Well not quite but the latest Thames Water mains burst in West Norwood town centre from Saturday 27 January 2024 closed Norwood High Street to all traffic from outside West Norwood Cemetery to Dunbar Street. For the avoidance of any doubt, buses and all traffic are now able to travel both northbound and southbound through the town centre.

The closure of this southbound main road caused the usual extensive travel chaos. Southbound buses were yet again diverted via Streatham Hill and Crown Point with many households in our area losing all southbound services. Through traffic was diverted in a simlar route and locally down Robson Road and Croxted Road.

We understood that the road would not reopen until at least Friday 2 February 2024 in order for one contractor to find and repair the leak and then allow a second gang to lay the necessary concrete foundation which would take time to cure and then tarmac. In the event the road was reopened today Wednesday 31 January. 

Station to Station (our local BID) have previously reported how businesses can claim back business disruption compensation, and successful claims have been made in the past during the 2019-20 planned Thames Water mains works, the Southern Gas Network gas pipe works and the multiple further water leaks in our town centre and elsewhere. Read more here. The UK Power Network works before Christmas at the junction with Lansdowne Hill where one way working was installed on the Saturday and works began on the Monday really was astonishing. 

When planned or emergency works will cause such major disruption, we feel arrangements should be in place to inform local community forums such as Norwood Forum so we can help get the message out to local residents. Measures such as clear signage at bus stops on how to complete your journey should be standard practice but this rarely seems to be the case. We will raise all this again with the Council, ask for the road and pavements around the newly tarmaced hole to be swept, and also report the adjacent two pot holes which need filling soon to avoid causing damage to passing traffic. If you have anything else to suggest please let us know.