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Dockless bike and escooter bays

Update 16.02.24
We are pleased to report that Lambeth Transport team came for a walkabout a few days ago, specifically to look at the dockless bays. We were able to go through our list of questions and already have some answers. Please read on.

Consultation period. Yes, this is being extended so that the full 6 month period begins only after the final bay has been painted. So the new deadline is Friday 9 August. Please provide your comments here. The map is incredibly busy and we made it clear its not at all easy to navigate. Please let us have your thoughts too: info@norwoodforum.org.

We visited four e-bike/scooter bay sites, identified to highlight their different situations and problems.
1. Outside Tulse Hill Station on Station Rise.
Lots of e-bikes clustered around the pink car shaped bike stand. It was noted that after many years, this still says it is 'temporary'.
Insufficient provision for private bikes (covered parking provided by Network Rail never replicated when removed) and no provision for e-bikes/scooters.
2. Avenue Park Road
Mix of e-bikes/scooters - many fallen over. We discussed options on warning signage, especially for sites such as these close to junctions. Other London boroughs currently using a mix of wand designs. Lambeth considering options.
3. Dalton Street
Bay has taken over a hard won replacement parking bay. Background filled in on the years of work to achieve the only recently rationalised (incl new TMO's) parking along Norwood Road and its side roads, was explained. Norwood Forum will identify bays for removal and explain why, and suggest alternatives.
4. Idmiston Road close to corner of Rosendale Road
Again e-bikes fallen over. Discussion on location being unhelpful to Scotch Meats and other retailer deliveries using their rear access. Agreed a new loading bay would be the best outcome. Lambeh agreed to raise with his transport contacts. Norwood Forum will raise with Streetworks contacts as well.

1. Yes use of both e-bikes and these particular e-scooters is legal on the roads. It is illegal to use both on the pavements. There is virtually no enforcement due to lack of resources. Discussion on how Paris has recently banned e-scooters noted.
2. The Kerbside Strategy identifies roads not pavements for interventions such as these e-bike/scooter bays, keeping the pavement as clear as possible for pedestrians, but there may be a situation (such as outside Tulse Hill Station) where an exception might be made or a different solution could be found. Looking at the clutter on the Rosendale Road shop parade was a case in point with the sheffield bike stands attracting e-bikes to be abandoned instead of crossing over the road a short way to a designated bay.
3. There is GPS technology in use to identify where these e-bikes/scooters are being left, but its not very accurate. 
4. The penalties that the four companies impose towards users who leave their e-bikes/scooters in non-designated areas are all different, different across different boroughs, and not very onerous either. Lambeth will be providing details on what the various penalties actually are.
5. Other boroughs aiming for bays to be as close as every 150m, Lambeth starting at every 300m/5mins (considered to be the same metric).
6. There is evidence to show from other boroughs that the very existence of bays do promote good user behaviour, and the use of the bays increases exponentially.
7. All the London boroughs are working together, sharing knowledge and solutions.
8. The e-bike/scooter companies are extremely difficult to bring under control and also litigious. Lambeth has a MOU with the four in this trial, but compliance is challenging. LBWestminster has tried impounding the bikes and only releasing them once a company has paid a fee. Taking the e-bike/scooter companies to court has also been unsuccessful so far - they have won all the cases on the basis they are providing a service.
9. Two bays in this current trial have already been removed - due to being on steep hills and bikes would not stand up.
10. Yes e-bikes and scooters left in the wrong places are supposed to be removed within 4hrs, but they have to be reported by someone. Discussion on the many ways this could be done, but there is no one defined way. Reporting on Fix My Street takes weeks to get back to the council, so not suited for this. Lambeth will be providing details on the most effective option.

You may well have noticed Lambeth Council has been installing bays on local roads for the parking of rental e-scooters and e-bikes. These aim to help tackle the footway clutter and hazards caused by inappropriate parking practice. Such bays have been installed elsewhere in London and the UK.

When the Lambeth scheme was published in the summer it included pre-chosen experimental sites throughout the Borough. We wrote to Lambeth officers asking for local community forums to be involved in determining the sites so they could involve their communities. We asked for further information on implementing and enforcing the scheme across London given other boroughs are further advanced. We are now hoping to meet officers on these issues in the next few weeks.

The Council's intention is to provide a dense Borough-wide network of parking locations for those using dockless rental electrically assisted bikes and/or e-scooters. The Council ackowledges that such a network will be of particular benefit to residents such as those in our area who have lower levels of access to public transport and often live in steeper areas.

At present, there are four operators that provide dockless bike hire in London, namely: Lime, Human Forest, Tier and Dott.

Lambeth says it is proceeding by way of an experimental scheme so that the impact of the Orders can be assessed. Following this assessment, and based on feedback from the consultation process, it will decide whether to make these Orders permanent.

Your views are sought via this website. We will publish more information when we have it.