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Lambeth Council’s Urban Forest Strategy

Lambeth Council’s Urban Forest Strategy is to be launched on 25 November. The strategy lays out the Council’s plans to increase the canopy cover of the borough by planting over 5000 trees in the next three years, as well as maintaining the existing tree stock.

Trees bring many benefits to our communities, from reducing stress and promoting wellbeing to providing cleaner, fresher air to breathe. They will also play an enormous role in supporting adaptation to climate change within Lambeth and protecting residents against the impacts. Trees will help to cool the borough when we are experiencing extreme heat by releasing water vapour and providing shade. They will also help reduce the impacts of localised flooding and provide a home for nature within the city.

The strategy will also see the launch of the Tree Champions Network, which will create opportunities for residents to care for the borough’s trees and access educational resources to support greater tree-based skills and knowledge.

The event will be hosted by St Matthews TRA and the Lambeth Tree Service. Cllr Rezina Chowdhury will be giving a speech to launch the strategy and there will be family activities including a new Tree Trail created by St Matthews TRA.

See further details of the launch here on our events listing.