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Streetworks update

We meet regularly with Lambeth to progress the final outstanding elements of this long standing project. As we have reported previously, TfL have re-engaged with the largest outstanding element – the removal of the Tulse Hill gyratory, largely due to the efforts of local Councillor Olga Fitzroy, though we currently still await an update on the TfL Outcome Study. A community group has also come together to campaign for the removal of the Tulse Hill gyratory, which we wholeheartedly support, see their new website here: www.tulsehillrage.com. They are also looking at what improvements to the streetscape of the gyratory can help mitigate the situation in the short term, starting with repairing and replanting the planters under the NHS mural.

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On other Norwood Road works there is some good news:
Road resurfacing

The final section of road resurfacing to link up the long section of Norwood Road (Tulse Hill bridge to Chestnut Road) that was resurfaced earlier this year, with the more recently resurfaced Tulse Hill gyratory, is now complete. This left just the lines to be repainted. In our regular meetings with Lambeth we were told that contractors Ringways were having problems with their lining sub-contractors. You will have noticed that some lines have now been repainted – for instance the bus stop outside Butter Up and the new cycle refuge under the Tulse Hill bridge. We are assured Lambeth are pressing very hard for the final linings to be completed - and we will be equally pressing Lambeth.

Diagonal crossing surface at junction with York Hill and Lancaster Avenue
This work was firstly cancelled due to hot weather, then due to essential bus diversions following the large burst water main on Brixton Hill. We have now been told this will happen over the night of Tuesday 7 November. There will of necessity be extensive bus and general traffic diversions – but this will be night-time work – and should be completed over the single night.

Thames Water leak outside B&Q
This was reported to Thames Water well in advance of the main Norwood Road resurfacing works (mentioned above) but they did not repair the leak before the resurfacing took place. Subsequently the leak has got worse and worse, now eroding the new road surface. We have been told that finally repairs will commence on Monday 13 November and we will report on any impact to traffic flow as soon as we receive that information.

Where does that leave us?
Shoppers seating along Norwood Road at locations agreed in collaboration with Station to Station BID and local retailers: quotes are being obtained by Lambeth.
Community Art project: the final component is a small sum of section 106 money set aside for a community art project.
We are currently very focussed on getting the main works completed. Watch this space for more information coming shortly.