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Grants available from Thrale charity for SE27 organisations helping out with the COVID response

The Thrale Charity grant programme for 2020 has just opened. For this year the charity is specifically focusing their grant giving on organisations helping with the impact of COVID – whether through helping to promote health and wellbeing, or alleviating economic and social hardship caused by the pandemic. More money is available this year than in the past - £50,000 in total. Like last year, Thrale are hoping that lots of organisations from SE27 will apply. Applications will be especially welcome from organisations which have not applied for a grant from Thrale before.

Individual grants will be limited to £2,000 so that as many good causes as possible can be funded; however they say they can fund a bit more for an exceptional project or cause.

Last year Thrale provided around £10,000 in funding to SE27 organisations.

Anyone interested in applying can download the simple application form from www.thralealmshouses.org.uk or contact info@thralealmshouses.org.uk for more information. The deadline for applications is 11 January 2021.