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Streetworks: update

Streetworks is a unique community-led project to improve Norwood and Tulse Hill.  The project is funded by Transport for London and supported by officers at Lambeth Council.  The Norwood Forum, Tulse Hill Forum, local councillors and community groups are working together with residents, businesses, schools and road-users to design a better space, remove the one-way system at Tulse Hill and provide training and support for future local projects.

In April there are going to be a significant number of improvements to the Norwood Road and apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause:

- Harpenden Road one way / Zebra crossing. Finally this is being sorted! A Lambeth council spokesman said: “We’re pleased that a new safe pedestrian crossing is due to be installed imminently on Norwood Road near the junction with Harpenden Road. Detailed consultation and issues around traffic flow are now resolved and work will start to get the crossing operational by end of April.”  Norwood Forum has asked for the works to be completed before the end of the Easter break and the return of the Elmgreen School pupils but this may logistically not be possible.

- Ira Court. Completed in the last few days, the pavement has been returned to the previous line by the trees at the request of cyclists who were unhappy with the build out of the pavement.

- Chestnut Road to Chatsworth Way. Work is underway to widen the pavement and as a consequence there will be some car parking relocated to side roads and the improved Waylett Place so that the total number of spaces will not be reduced.

Waylett Place. Already completed is the removal of the car park gates to allow parking at night times and some additional lining around the car park. The Norwood Forum is pushing to have the railings completely removed as it is an ugly eyesore that resembles a prison compound. We are also concerned that there seems to be no sign of enforcement control which is essential to stop it being hogged by businesses and misuse of the disabled bay.

- York Hill/Lancaster Avenue diagonal crossing. We are still pursuing the possibility of installing a thermoplastic covering, and hope Streetworks can soon publicise a public competition to select the design.

- Street trees and Furniture (bins, benches, bollards and lighting). Consultation will shortly be underway on the location of these items, and views have already been sought on the type of trees (via Facebook).

For further information and to receive regular updates you can click on https://www.streetworks.london/