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Our streets – Gipsy Hill Ward

Last year Lambeth Council sought ideas for each ward in the south of the borough on how to improve local streets under the banner “Our Streets”. The main focus of Our Streets is on speed limits and traffic calming; parking and loading arrangements; crossing points; car clubs; cycling facilities; public realm improvements; seating; bins; greenery; signage and removal of street clutter. Ward councillors then published proposals and sought comments from local residents.

The approved schemes are now being implemented ward by ward.  In Gipsy Hill these are:

  • Gipsy Road junction with Auckland Hill: new pedestrian refuge, speed table and waiting restrictions. Cost: £31,500.
  • Gipsy Road: new zebra crossing and speed table outside Kingswood School (Upper Site). Cost: £34,500
  • Gipsy Road junction with Salters Hill: Change junction geometry, new pedestrian refuge and waiting restrictions. Cost: £21,500
  • Clive Road junction with Carnac Street: new speed table. Cost: £24,500
  • Gipsy Hill: General improvements to public realm with waiting restrictions near station. Cost: £20,300
  • Other waiting restrictions: Cost: £5,000
  • Additional 20mph signs and road markings: Add to various streets to encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limit. Cost: £4,000.
  • Street trees: Plant 45 new trees to locations as identified in consultation: Cost £23,200
  • Paxton Place and Vale Street: Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility by adding bollards and dropped kerbs as necessary. Cost: £1,000

Full information on each project can be viewed here.

We will publicise details of the Our Streets projects for Knights Hill and Thurlow Park Wards when these are available.

Norwood Forum continues to work with Council officers and local groups such as Open Orchard and Friends of West Norwood Station on a number of related issues including greening and improvement initiatives.