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Lambeth Local Elections - 5 May 2022

The Lambeth Borough Council Elections are this coming Thursday 5 May 2022. 
On polling day (5 May) you can go to your polling station between 7am and 10pm, to vote for the your new ward Councillors.

You will be given one ballot paper, and can vote for two or three councillors, depending on the size of your ward. Please ask the staff in the polling station if anything is unclear. They are trained to help you.

Everyone that's registered to vote in local government elections in Lambeth can vote at local council elections, including EU citizens.

Who can I vote for?
To find out who your candidates are, visit Who Can I Vote For? - you just need your postcode.

Where to vote?
Remember there are new electoral wards for these elections, so your polling station may have changed.
To find out where your polling station is, visit  Where Do I Vote? - you just need your postcode.
You can ONLY vote at the polling station you where you are registered.
If you have a postal vote and have not posted it, you can drop that off on election day at ANY Lambeth polling station.
If you registered for a postal vote, you can ONLY vote using the ballot paper that was posted to you. 
Lambeth election information can be found here.

Covid 19
Measures will be in place to ensure safety at polling stations as required. In line with public health guidance, you may need to wear a face covering and may need to queue. Please bring your own pen or pencil if possible.

Counting of the votes will start at 8am on Friday 6 May and the results will be posted here.

Norwood Forum hosted three public meetings: West Dulwich, Knights Hill and Gipsy Hill wards. We hope you were able to attend, and found it useful to quiz the candidates.