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Draft Review of Lambeth Local Plan: make your comments

We have reported on two occasions about the ongoing draft review of the Lambeth Local Plan. This revised Local Plan will set out the vision for the development of the borough for the next 15 years (at least in theory).

In our last website news story we invited questions about the draft plan as we had arranged a meeting with Lambeth Council planning and transport officers, Councillors and other invited local groups as there were a number of areas where we wanted clarity. We provide links to the Lambeth Council consultation page and key documents below.

The Council is not carrying out any other public consultation on the Local Plan at this second stage; it is therefore really important that you send written comments on any issues that affect you. Officers have confirmed to us that they will give serious consideration to all submitted views. Take a critical look at the revised Local Plan as it stands and offer new ideas, correct errors and suggest improved wording. Want a daily 15 minute train service at all Norwood stations? An improved streetscape along Norwood High Street? More housing? Big shopping chains? Tell Lambeth Council now.

Whilst the Plan itself is a heavy read, the Council has helpfully also produced a series of sheets which summarise comments made at the phase one consultation, and list how the Plan is to address these issues.

The meeting with Lambeth Councillors and officers took place yesterday, and here’s a brief synopsis of some of the main points that arose: 

Other infrastructure

The need to address local deficiencies in our water (Thames Water!), broadband, gas, electricity networks are not addressed. Alternative forms of energy like solar cells or wind power are not mentioned.

Policy PN7 – West Norwood

Do read this section - the particular policy covering our area (pages 394-400).

Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ)

The de-designation of part of the existing West Norwood town centre - Norwood High Street south of the railway bridge, is proposed. This is to enable a tightly drawn area to become a CEZ, which aims to encourage creative and digital industries. Some grant support can be sought from the Mayor of London, but catalyst investment by the Council in improving the streetscape - signage, street furniture, traffic calming etc is not currently proposed.

West Norwood Heritage and Cultural Area

The role of the existing public assets: Library and Cinema, and the Cemetery in promoting the historic and heritage of the area are mentioned. There is however no focus on the thriving cultural side - the South London Theatre and Portico Gallery are not mentioned.

Key Industrial Business Areas (KIBAs)

The existing West Norwood KIBA is to be protected for continuing commercial and industrial use.A new KIBA at the Network Rail owned Tulse Hill sidings is proposed: scope for industrial use but with some new housing as a possibility is proposed. This is an exciting prospect and, along with the removal of the gyratory, would make the regeneration of the Tulse Hill town centre a real prospect.

Please do make your own comments. You can read more on our website here, and on the Lambeth Council consultation page for the draft review of the Lambeth Local Plan. The draft revised Lambeth Local Plan itself is published here.

The accompanying draft Lambeth Transport Strategy is a high level summary of the borough’s policies and ambitions for the coming 20 years; it does not include neighbourhood policies. The Local Implementation Plan (LIP) adds further detail, setting out how the borough will deliver the outcomes of the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy and includes a costed 3-year delivery.  You can read more on our website here, and on the Lambeth Council consultation page for the draft Transport Strategy.

Issues such as the continuing lack of provision of no step free access to Tulse Hill station, the effects of the removal of the Tulse Hill gyratory, and local impact of the South Circular Road becoming the border of the Ultra Low Emission Zone from 21 October 2021 are not covered.

The consultation period for both the draft review of the Lambeth Local Plan and the draft Transport Strategy ends at 11pm on 17 December 2018.