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Street parties – how to get your road closed for a get together

Have you ever thought about holding a street party with your neighbours? Lambeth Council has published advice on how to go about this. 

 A street party is:

  • A residential get together on a single street (but there are occasions when two road closures would be considered for a street party). There must be three named organisers who are over 18 and resident on the street to be closed (not from the same address)
  • Where at least one of the named organisers is present for the duration of the Street Party
  • Not a public event and is only advertised directly to the residents on the street
  • Not profit making and the activities are not commercial
  • Taking place on one day only between 10am and 7.30pm with the road being opened again to all traffic no later than 8pm

The road closure should be free, but there may be costs if you need the council’s contractors to deliver signs and barriers.

Further information: and make your application here.