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Prepare now for the possibility of power cuts

In recent months there has been speculation in the newspapers and on television about the prospect of planned power cuts this winter in the unlikely scenario of a national energy shortage this winter. UK Power Networks (UKPN) have published helpful advice on what to do in the unlikely event you do ever experience a power cut call 105 or visit the 105 website for more advice on what to do.

UKPN say that while this winter is expected to be challenging, their view remains that there will be adequate electricity supplies through the winter. Power cuts would only be made as a very last resort after all other options have been exhausted.

Power cuts might be uncommon, but they can happen all-year-round so its important you are prepared and know what to do.

Emergency power cuts are unlikely to happen, but if they do it is important you know:

  • You will have no power for at least three hours at a time, once or twice a day.
  • Being on the Priority Services Register does not offer you any protection from the national power cuts.
  • Your gas boiler, heat pump, broadband and home phone will not work during the power cut.
  • Due to the national scale of the power cuts, UKPN cannot supply generators/backup power to customers for these emergencies.

To prepare you should:

  • Find your block letter (and rota, when published) at powercut105.com.
  • Keep a mobile phone fully charged (if you have one) so you can use it to go online for updates or call if you have a power cut.
  • Keep a torch handy in case you are without power during the night.
  • Have warm clothes, blankets and food (which does not need heating) accessible.