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Switch off your engines

Lambeth Council is supporting the new ‘Engines Off. Every Stop’ anti-idling advertising campaign to target all London drivers. The campaign runs until 21 March 2021.

The campaign aims to make visible the invisible by visualising the unknown and surprising amount of pollution that can be created from a single idling vehicle engine. With 420 litres of exhaust fumes released per minute of idling for a single small van or family size car, this could be enough to raise harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) to illegal levels in a small street canyon environment (44.1 μg/m3, as found in TRL’s Review of Emissions data, Dec 2020). NO2 is associated with lung inflammation and can trigger asthma symptoms from short-term exposure, while long-term exposure to higher concentrations of NO2 can impair lung development in children and can contribute to other respiratory and cardiovascular health conditions in children and adults.

Switching off is the easiest way to minimise unnecessary pollution. With a small change in behaviour Londoners can practically engage with air quality issues and make a positive difference at a critical moment. Read more here on the Love Lambeth website.