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Norwood Road - bollards, trees, benches and grot spots

A public consultation is now underway on the proposed location of trees, benches and bollards which will go in along Norwood Road between Robson Road and Tulse Hill station under the Streetworks project. Last week, Norwood Forum walked the length of the road with Council officers identifying a number of possible locations, and also raised a number of grot spot issues and other actions needed to tidy up the road.

Streetworks: trees, benches and bollards:

Streetworks is the Transport for London funded and Council supported community-led project to improve Norwood Road and remove the Tulse Hill gyratory. Norwood Forum, with Tulse Hill Forum is working with local councillors, community groups, other residents, businesses, schools and road-users to design a better space for all.

Please advise Streetworks of your views on the types of trees and possible locations, and also on sites for bins and bollards. You can print off a map (download it here) and then take a walk along Norwood Road, mark on the map where things should or shouldn't go,  take a picture and send it back them via email. Council officers will be preparing options for Streetworks to consider.

Tidying-up the street scene:

Identified actions needed to tidy up the street scene includes repainting all the post boxes, removing redundant street furniture e.g. relocating the temporary bike rack outside The Old Library,  and relocation of commercial waste bins. We had previously produced a list of concerns and lobbied the Council to undertake concerted and co-ordinated action on the parade of shops opposite West Norwood railway station. We are pleased Veolia, the Council’s contractor, are currently reminding business owners, flat owners and residents of their responsibilities on storing, recycling and disposal of their rubbish.  We understand that success will take some time, but are hopeful improvements will start to become clearer shortly.