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Census 2021

The next census will be on Sunday 21 March 2021, but people will be able to complete it a few weeks before and after this day. This will be a digital first census, meaning that everyone will be encouraged to fill it in online.

The census is run by the Office for National Statistics and is a once-a-decade survey of all the households in England and Wales. It gives a detailed snapshot of the population that helps to inform policy making, plan public services and inform where billions of pounds are spent, for instance, on roads, schools and hospitals. The information collected during the census helps us to create an in-depth picture of our society. It will also identify important trends that will help organisations plan services and allocate funding in the future.

Most people will be able to complete the census without any support, but for those who need it, support will be provided. This will include support via the telephone, webchat, email, social media and text message. There will be guidance in over 40 languages, a dedicated language helpline, large print and braille guidance. People will also be able to request a paper form if they would prefer to fill in the census this way. There will also be support centres across the country where people can go to receive digital support to complete their census. Norwood Forum is workng with the locla engagement manager to ensure htat as many locla people as possible are informed about the census.

The 2021 census is going to have three new questions. One is going to be about sexuality and one about gender identity. These are optional questions and will help to gain a better picture of society and the data can be used by groups to make sure there is enough support in place and for equalities monitoring. There will also be a question on previous service in the UK Armed Forces. This is to help organisations better support veterans.