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Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Update 15.12.22
Following a request from ward councillors on behalf of residents, the survey for the proposed LTN has been extended until Sunday, 8 January, 2023.

Lambeth Council are seeking views on a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) and wider street improvements throughout the Streatham Wells area.

The Council's plans will restrict vehicles (24/7) cutting through residential streets, with the aims of helping to reduce road danger and congestion and tackle the climate crisis by supporting people to walk, wheel, scoot and cycle. Wider improvements will also be made: more street trees, cycle parking, and places to rest and play.

Visit the consultation website to let them have your ideas.

We note that the proposed LTN boundaries and hours of operation are to proceed unamended from the original proposal published in the summer. The LTN will cover an area even greater than the Streatham Wells ward itself - the whole area bounded by Streatham High Road, Streatham Common North and Leigham Court Road. On our patch there will be implications for traffic, road safety and air quality of the streets of Knight’s Hill ward off Leigham Court Road as well as on Leigham Court Road itself.

We are pleased our local ward councillors are establishing a stakeholder group to consider and respond to these issues. This group will input into the ongoing consultation with a view to obtaining a positive outcome for Knights Hill ward residents. We will be participating and have asked that all local and neighbouring GP practices and schools (including but not limited to Crown Dale, Bishop Thomas Grant, St. Julians, Dunraven and Sunnyhill), and the Leigham Court Road residents recently campaigning for improved road safety all be involved. We will also take the opportunity to lobby for an increase in the frequency of affected and nearby bus services, e.g. the 315.