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Fest Norwood 2019

The second annual West Norwood Arts Festival will be held this coming August – Friday 2 to Sunday 11 August 2019.

Last year South London Theatre (SLT) created and hosted the first Fest Norwood; an arts festival based in West Norwood for the local community and surrounding areas. The Festival staged 75 events, 62 of which were free, and the response to the festival was overwhelmingly positive. SLT are committed to providing this festival annually as part of West Norwoodʼs ever growing colourful calendar of cultural and community events.

SLTʼs Fire Station and its theatre will be at the heart again of this open-access 10 day multi-arts festival, with satellite events taking place all across West Norwood. This yearʼs festival will have a theme of “Renaissance”

The core values of the festival are:

  • to celebrate heritage
  • to promote inclusivity and to bring people together
  • to highlight and celebrate West Norwood and its community
  • to promote wellbeing through art and culture
  • to promote local businesses

Activities and events include:

  • theatre, music, art and dance
  • comedy, poetry and spoken word
  • cinema, heritage, walks and tours
  • children’s activities, workshops and free events

If you want to be a part of the festival as a venue, participant, volunteer or supporter, send an email to the festival director Bryon Fear: publicity@southlondontheatre.co.uk (by 30 June 2019)

Further information:  www.festnorwood.com