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West Norwood Community Shop

Where: Vale Street (behind the (currently closed) Lambeth Reuse and Recycling Centre, London SE27 9PA
Opening times: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 15:45, excluding weekends and bank holidays.
twitter.com/CommunityShops  www.companyshopgroup.co.uk

The Community Shop is an amazing resource for people in Norwood who are in receipt of any state benefit. While in the past, The Community Shop offered cafe facilities and tailored, professional development programmes for its members, in the current crisis many of its staff have been furloughed and it has had to suspend all but the basic shop service. If you have some free time and would like to help in the shop, they are looking for volunteers to help them provide this very useful service to

The Community shop redistributes food and household products from major retailers and brands. It receives daily. The surplus products may have minor labelling errors, be excess seasonal products or have a short shelf life and would therefore normally be thrown away as a waste by the retailers. If you have not shopped there before, it’s basically a normal supermarket but one where you can buy high quality food and household brands at super low prices.

To use the shop, you need to be registered and this process is currently simplified:

1: At the moment there is no online registration, anyone who is entitled to government benefit can apply in person in the shop.
2: No appointment is needed. You can collect the registration form from the shop in person and return the form at any time. You will also need to provide any form of benefit letter with proof of address and income purpose.
3: Any questions, please contact Biniam Tecle: 020 8761 9660.

Are you a Key Worker?
In response to COVID-19 the Community Shop is also offering temporary membership to staff working in Support Services, Community Services and also those who are Covid19 Responders. As they work with supply partners on stock availability and await government advice, there is no deadline to this membership group, they will keep you informed with key updates regarding memberships. Find out if you qualify here: www.companyshopgroup.co.uk/profile/newapplicationpage

Find out how to volunteer or donate goods here: www.companyshopgroup.co.uk/contact-us

More on Food Support, from vouchers to deliveries, can be found here: www.norwoodforum.org/food