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Covid-19 in Lambeth

Covid infections in the UK are up by more than 40%, the latest weekly Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures suggest.
Around 1.4m people in the UK had coronavirus in the week ending 11 June, up from around 990,000 the week before.

In Lambeth more than 3% of the population has tested positive for Covid-19; new cases stand at 17,199 and the weekly average is 13,354. The statistics here show the recent week on week rise.

The fast-spreading subvariants of Omicron - called BA.4 and BA.5 - are behind some of the new infections, according to the ONS.
In total more than 179,000 people have died in the UK within 28 days of a positive Covid test, but the number of people with Covid-19 on their death certificates is over 196,000.

The Covid vaccination programme has so far reached nine in 10 people aged 12 and over with a first dose.
This BBC article has more detail.

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