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Citizens Assembly on the Climate Crisis reports

Lambeth Council's Citizens Assembly on the Climate Crisis concluded on 3 July. Assembly members developed and voted upon 13 recommendations for Lambeth's residents, organisations, businesses and the Council to tackle the climate crisis fairly, effectively and quickly.

Assembly members then had another week of online review to ensure the final recommendations were reflective of the assembly member's ideas. The final recommendations have now been published; these include:

  • Lambeth Council, businesses and financial organisations to collaborate over borough-wide retrofit programme to be implemented in the next 5 years
  • Energy efficiency targets to be set for developers and housing providers, with appropriate penalties
  • Fines and rewards to ensure proper recycling by businesses and residents
  • Green spaces to be created and reclaimed for biodiversity projects and food growing
  • ‘Just Transition’ commission set up to oversee protection of vulnerable groups in transition to net zero

You can view the recommendations in full and let the Council know what you think. Will you be taking action on them too? What will you do?