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LTN for Streatham Wells?

Lambeth is considering installing a Low Traffic Neighbourhood for the whole of the area between Streatham High Road, Leigham Court Road and Streatham Common North Side.

A newly formed residents group is to meet to discuss the proposals: Sunday 5 December 2021 from 1.30pm at St Peter’s Church, Leigham Court Road SW16 2SD (between Glennie Road and Canterbury Grove) 

The following aspirations have been identified by the Council for this possible LTN:

  • Create a more climate resilient neighbourhood
  • Introduce low-traffic neighbourhood interventions to reduce car dominance and remove through traffic
  • Encourage a shift to more sustainable transport modes such as walking and cycling
  • Make the roads safer
  • Improve local air quality
  • Deliver the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets Approach
  • Improve the local public realm like pavements and green spaces

During November and December the council is collecting residents views on traffic, clean air and climate change in the Streatham Wells neighbourhood. To have your say complete the online survey or 07999 405 331 for a paper copy of the survey.

Also, an online map is available for you to submit your detailed comments.

More detailed plans on the possible Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood will then follow for consultation in the new year.