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Protection of local views

Lambeth is consulting on its draft Local Views Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) 2020 which has been prepared to assist with the management of the locally protected views set out in Policy Q25 of the Draft Revised Lambeth Local Plan, 2020. Our local views from Norwood Park, Knights Hill and Gipsy Hill are included. Has the Council identified all the views from these sites that should be protected? Are there other views that should be added and therefore given the same protection?

Once formally adopted the draft SPD will be a material planning consideration when determining applications that affect local views. It is therefore important that it adequately captures the significance of the view and provides effective guidance on the management of development in locally protected views.

The consultation runs from 16 November 2020 to 11pm 10 January 2021. Lambeth Council invites you to comment on the content of the draft document on the Commonplace website. More information can be found here: Lambeth Council website.