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Recent accident on Tulse Hill Gyratory - background and update

22.02.23 Update
St Martins Ward Councillors (the gyratory is in St Martins ward) reported on Twitter:
'We are relieved to report that the woman’s injuries are no longer considered to be life-changing or life-threatening. Our thoughts continue to be with her and her family.
This dangerous one-way gyratory (A205) previously had funding for a redesign, which was pulled after the funding issues. Initial community-led work on design concepts was previously done with @streetworksN2T.
We committed in the May election campaign to making the Tulse Hill gyratory a top priority, and this accident shows that this has never been more urgent. In December we organised a walkabout with
@SebDance @TfL & local residents & community leaders, where @TfL committed to an Outcome Definition Study, which is currently ongoing, collating and updating available data on the road network and identifying possible solutions to the issues. @TfL committed to continuing to work in collaboration with the local community on this.
Today we wrote to @TfL asking about making this stretch of road 20mph, about camera enforcement, and timeframes for any such measures. We take this extremely seriously and will not accept pedestrians facing this amount of risk.'

18.02.23 Update
Met Police statement to Brixton Buzz:

  • Police were called at 15:01hrs on Tuesday, 14 February to reports of a collision involving a van and a pedestrian at Norwood Road, SE27.
  • Officers and paramedics from the London Ambulance Service attended.
  • The pedestrian, a woman aged in her 40s, was taken to hospital with a head injury. Her injuries are currently believed to be life-threatening.
  • The driver of the van stopped at the scene.
  • Enquiries are ongoing to establish what happened. Any witnesses are asked to call 101 quoting CAD 4303/14Feb.
Article on Brixton Buzz here provides more background
The work to remove the Tulse Hill Gyratory was originally part of a larger £7m project called Streetworks which was an unique approach to partnership working between the community - led by Norwood Forum, with Lambeth Council and TfL. This began in 2015 (the wider pavements along Norwood Road were an early project and the recent resurfacing of Norwood Road one of the final elements). The project became moribund in 2019, but we were successful in kick-starting it back to life in mid 2021 following our approach to Cllr Claire Holland, Leader of the Council.
This story is most easily read here. This includes a statement by Lambeth about the gyratory.
And the document that covered the community gyratory workshops and outcomes can be found here.
Please have a read through.
Since July 2021 the Forum has been holding fortnightly meetings with a dedicated Lambeth officer to work our way through the outstanding elements of Streetworks (apart from the Gyratory).
We have though separately been working closely with new St Martin's ward Councillor Olga Fitzroy to push forward work to the gyratory. Councillor Fitzroy successfully organised a walk-about in December last year with Seb Dance, Deputy London Mayor, Transport and Deputy Chair, TfL, Helen Hayes our MP, and Marina Ahmad the London Assembly Member for our area, as well as others from TfL, other local stakeholders including Station to Station BID and ourselves, and actively involved local residents. Following that walk-about and meeting, TfL committed to an Outcome Definition Study - the first step towards something actually happening. We are told this will happen in late Spring 2023 and we will be invited to meetings and site visits relating to that. The London Mayor in an email to us confirmed: The project has recently restarted and is in the early stages of feasibility work to define the different options which would address the range of improvements needed at this location. One of these options includes proposals being championed by the local community. TfL anticipates completion of the options feasibility stage in spring 2022." 
Quite separate to all of the above, TfL did make changes to the gyratory junction where the fatality occurred in 2017. The pedestrian cross over was moved to improve sight lines for approaching traffic, the pavement and traffic islands adjusted to suit, and the street lighting was substantially increased. This was all following a road safety audit, with a second road safety audit commissioned specifically on the lighting.
Regarding the current tragic accident, we are in contact with the local police and awaiting a news update that we can share publicly.
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From 2016 Streetworks workshop