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The Copyshop is back!

The Copyshop run by Southside Rehabilitation Ltd. (SRA) at 45 Knights Hill SE27 0HS has reopened. They are able to print and design flyers, booklets, newsletters, Business cards and Christmas cards!

Prices are here on the SRA website. Email for quotes or general enquiries at paul@sra-ltd.co.uk or loli@sra-ltd.co.uk.

SRA was set up to help improve or re-establish work habits for those whose lives have been interrupted by mental illness. This includes accessing adult education, work placements and support to find a job. This training takes place in one of three social enterprises – catering, cleaning, and print, which includes the Copyshop and print finishing.

Norwood Forum is pleased to see the return of the Copyshop,which has met our varying needs, often at short notice, over the years. Norwood Forum provided a small grant to SRA in 2019 for the purchase of a computer.