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Food hub: Council tender

Building on the learning from the first phase of COVID-19, Lambeth Council wishes to commission the food voluntary and community sector to improve access to surplus food (and where possible other types of food) to residents in need. The Council is seeking to fund:

A: a single point of contact for surplus food (from the London Food Alliance and other sources) for the Borough and
B: an effective and equitable food distribution offer through three neighbourhood food hubs across the borough.

Food poverty was already an established issue in Lambeth; prior to the pandemic:

  • Just under 30% of Lambeth residents live in poverty after housing costs; worse than the London average of 27%
  • 36% of children in Lambeth were living in food poverty compared to 31% nationally
  • 22.3% of Lambeth children were eligible for and claiming Free School Meals – this places Lambeth in the highest quartile of local authorities in terms of needs and poverty
  • Over 10,000 food vouchers were redeemed by just one Lambeth Food Bank in 2019

National data has started to emerge on the impact of the pandemic on food access and affordability, and it is clear the situation has worsened and especially for particular groups including Black and Ethnic Minority groups, adults who are unemployed, adults with disabilities and adults with children.

The Council recognises the key role our local Food VCS played during the first phase of COVID-19 in working in their local communities and with the Council to deliver food to residents experiencing food poverty as well as sign post them to other sources of support e.g. welfare and housing advice.

The Council is encouraging the sector to take an outcomes focused approach in developing collaborative bids. The specification aims to provide flexibility to support innovative approaches based on the sector’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

Any voluntary or community sector group wishing to consider tendering for this project can contact us (info@norwoodforum.org) and we will forward on the key documentation:

  • Bid Instructions and Evaluation Process
  • Service Specification
  • Bid Submission Form
  • Service Costs spreadsheet
  • Presentation from Food VCS event (1 October)
  • Draft Contract

Queries that arise in developing a bid prior to the deadline can be raised with: foodhubs@lambeth.gov.uk.

The deadline for submissions is 12 noon on Friday 30 October 2020.