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Spot the Lambeth Health and Wellbeing Bus!

Ahead of the virtual Lambeth Country Show on 17 and 18 July there's a prize draw for anyone who spots Lambeth’s new Health and Wellbeing Bus at one of its stops around the borough.

The converted bus will be stationed at different locations in Lambeth throughout the summer. You can pick up COVID testing kits, receive a vaccination and, if you have any questions about the vaccine, to speak to a clinician or covid wellbeing ambassadors.

Views will be welcomed on what other health and wellbeing services you’d like to find onboard when it parks up in your neighbourhood. 

For the latest bus stops and for up-to-date details of walk-in clinics and who can attend, visit: www.selondonccg.nhs.uk/popupclinics (new dates and venues are being added all the time).

Competition ends Sunday 18 July. Read more and enter here.