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Lambeth Local Elections

Local elections for Lambeth Council are being held all over the borough on Thursday 3 May 2018. The closing date to register to vote is Tuesday 17 April 2018.

You can check you are registered by contacting the Lambeth Council Electoral Services team beforehand: 

Tel.: 020 7926 2254

Email: electoralservices@lambeth.gov.uk

You can also register to vote here.

You can view the published notices of poll for the candidates for our wards of Gipsy Hill, Knights Hill and Thurlow Park, (and the rest of Lambeth) here.  

Every four years voters in all 32 London boroughs are asked to choose who should represent them on their local council.  In Lambeth we have 63 councillors in total who are elected from 21 wards, i.e. three councillors per ward. In the last election held on 22 May 2014, the result was as follows:

59 seats: Labour

3 seats: Conservatives

1 seat: Green

The three Norwood wards each returned three Labour councillors.