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Community TechAid need your help!

In order to continue their work, Community TechAid are in desperate need of digital devices, so if you have an old computer gathering dust or a tablet or mobile phone that you no longer use, please donate it today. Simply fill in this online donation form: https://app.techaid.ju.ma/donate-device and they can arrange a drop off or collection.

Community TechAid is a south London charity formally known as Lambeth TechAid that is helping to bridge the digital divide by tech to those without. They collect computers, tablets and mobile phones that people no longer need, remove all data and refurbish the devices, so they are in good working order and ready to deliver to people in need. They work with local schools, disability, refugee and other community focused organisations to identify recipients and deliver the devices.

"The cell phone that you donated allowed me to make contact with my family and friends who helped me to return to my country of origin. Please donate to transform other lives, too.” - Anonymous service user

"For some, this is the first computer they have ever owned so it really was a big deal. You have truly made a difference in lives of these participants and we cannot thank you enough.” - Local community support charity.