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Cycle hangars

We are pleased to see that Lambeth's most recent plan to install 51 new cycle hangars across the borough does at least include eight at locations in the West Norwood area.

We have campaigned over the past few years for the provision of more cycle hangars on our local  streets. We drew attention to the paucity of provision in the south east of the borough in comparison to the centre and north. Cycle hangars provide secure on-street cycle parking at an annual membership of £42. One hangar accommodates six bikes in less road space than that taken up by a single parked car.  

The new new cycle hangars will be installed at:

  • Opposite 10 Barston Road
  • Outside 15 Bloom Grove (two)
  • Opposite 1 Guernsey Grove
  • Outside 26 Hawarden Grove
  • Outside 63 Knollys Road
  • Outside 108 Knollys Road
  • Outside 2 Thurlby Road

Residents living nearby should receive a letter with full details of the scheme and the statutory consultation. Once the hangars are installed in March/April 2022, anyone can apply for a space online.