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Crowdfund Lambeth

Lambeth Council is launching a new way of providing funding to new community projects and initiatives which match the priorities identified in the Co-operative Local Investment Plans (CLIPs). These funds come from the tax that developers pay when they build new homes, offices and shops in the borough.

One way of allocating this funding will be through a new Crowdfunding platform: Crowdfund Lambeth. A workshop (already fully booked) is being held to provide more information on how Crowdfund Lambeth works and the funding criteria (which includes a maximum of 25% or £1,250 of each project’s funding target). The workshop is covering:

  • What is crowdfunding
  • Introducing Crowdfunder
  • The partnership between Lambeth Council and Crowdfunder
  • Benefits of crowdfunding
  • What makes a good crowdfunding project?
  • Three steps to success
  • Accessing advice and support

If you’re involved with a local project and have missed hearing about this initiative, do register your interest in a subsequent workshop date by email to: crowdfunding@lambeth.gov.uk.