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Norwood Community Safety Partnership: update

The notes of the successful first meeting of the Norwood Community Safety Partnership on 17 October 2019 can be read here.

The review of the Norwood Community Safety Partnership began with a presentation of the Digisafe material available at no charge from the London Grid for Learning. We then agreed to look at using the London Village Network platform rather than build our own. There were concerns over disorder on the Norwood Road and, more constructively discussion about using the “power of food” to engage with those at risk.

Progress will be reviewed at a meeting on 19 November; see here for meeting details.

The current agenda items are:

  • use of the LVN platform, beginning with the information and networking aspects of the Norwood Consortium outreach programmes. 
  • calls for volunteers and mentors to support the programmes already being organised by the Consortium, local schools, scout groups and others.
  • progress with addressing the problems of disorder on the Norwood Road. 
  • building on what is already being done locally to exploit “The Power of Food” to reach target groups, perhaps linking to the Feast.  
  • the creation of a Norwood Skills Partnership to help organise/publicise local work-experience and training.
  • on-line safety/victim support - using suitable volunteers and authoritative materials.

Please e-mail csp@norwoodforum.org if you plan to join us at the meeting or would otherwise like to help. Please also let us know of any relevant activities you would like to publicise and/or contribute.